A registered NGO in the ministry of interior and the higher council of sports in Ramallah, Palestine.
PS4L has a general assembly and a board of directors.

The organization was founded in 2011 by a group of Palestinian athletes with qualified management and staff able to work throughout Palestine in sports for development.
PS4L responds to developmental needs in the marginalized Palestinian communities through sports and life skills, operating in global context  through aligning its developmental activities to the UN-SDGS, by  implementing the following programs: Education and Child & Youth Development, Child Protection and Safeguarding, Economic Infrastructure Development and women & youth Empowerment, Health, Gender, Human Rights, Disability, Disaster Response and International Cultural Exchange.

PS4L is known for its values that are carried out in its work: passionate, committed, purposeful, genuine and connected

PS4L is an official member of Streetfootball World and Coaches Across Continents.
PS4L holds a UN consultive Status.
PS4L is EVS accredited in the ERASMUS+ program.

Tamara Awartani
Co-founder and Managing Director of PS4L, sports for development expert, currently a PhD student at the German Sports University in Cologne, Germany with the focus on employment through sports. She also holds a postgraduate degree in Sports Management from the University of London – Royal Holloway. Tamara is very passionate for sports and community.


Jawad is the Program Adviser and expert trainer of Palestine Sports for Life. Coming from Jerusalem, he holds a degree in Human Rights and International Law.
“What we do is Exciting, and with high morals”


Alaa Yameen

Alaa is a father of two. coming from Qalqilia, he loves what he does and aims for change as he is considered to be a vertian in our organization.
“S4L is an advanced athletic thought, Academic, and works with all young ages. The program is run by extraordinary athletes and educated personas that help the aim of the project”

Amani Hamoudeh

A sports teacher from Jerusalem. She teaches sport and life skills in two different schools in Jerusalem.
“Sports for Life was a great transition. It aimed to strip sorts down and show that there is more to it, more than just physical and athletic skills only and added the life skills aspects to it. It aimed to age groups that needed life skills and experience, like the enrolment in vocational schools. Sports for life took great attention to the image of sports in areas that neglected sports. Sports for life offered the best workshops that I ever took”



Bashar Rawajbeh

Bashar is our logistics expertee, and coach. He is a cornerstone of our organization and believes in what Sports For Developement can do.
“pS4L is a new vision for sports, new perspective for sports, and a very strong bond between all trainers”


Suad Alqam

Suad from Hebron is a member of the Executive office of football federation and has many certificates in football training.
“Sports for Life build a new life regime that develops the youth and gives them the right experience/knowledge to deal with life situations and challenges, and all thought the sports for the development program.”



Yumon Masri

Yumon from Tulkarem has played football for 10 years. Now she is a football and life skill trainer for 70 young children. She has many certificates in football training.
“Sports for Life, just like every other year, offered me the opportunity to participate in local, and international events. Sports for life changed me in different directions and made me appreciate making a change, develop communities; help find a solution to cultural problems while using new methods and sports for development. A great success in my football for life program. Thank you to sports for life for what they bring to the youth and community”

Marwa Taqaz
Marwa took our Football and Life-skills course in 2015 as she got involved with our S4D program. She has a BA in Sports and teaches fitness and Zumba classes. Marwa is full of energy and loves to work with the youth as she knows that sports can be the cause of good change.

Shada Siam

Shada from Jerusalem. Holds Bachelor degree in Physical Education. Used to play basketball and now she is a basketball and football coach. She also writes news about the local sport.
“Novel workshops that aim to improve and develop the persona, through sports, variety of reflection methods. Systemized under a genre of people that want a better and new future. Thus made it easy to access social, sport issues and inventing new methods to tackle issues within the following”



Hussam Malash

Hussam from Bethlahem. He studies Economic in Birzeit university, he takes sport as a hobby and a way to make a change in children’s  lives through sport and life skills activities.
“I love working with the youth, it is a great feeling when i give the kids an input, and leave them with an output”

Fadi Abu Kaff
PS4L trainer and coach. Coming from Jerusalem, he is leading a football school and teaching life-skills on weekly basis.

Woroud Sawalha
Woroud is Palestine’s ex-Olympic national runner. She loves sports and loves using SPorts for Development. She now is Training a group of high school girls in Jerusalem and aiming for change.
“Ps4l is an athletic program that aims to develop and improve the behavior of the participants. A circulation of great coaches whom complete each other”

Nayef Maqboul
Nayef is a BA graduate and our expert trainer coming from Nablus. As a fan of sports, he loves combining sports and life-skills as a very successful way of development and good change.
“I am happy to be working in this field, it brings a lot of good and positive change for the youth, and that itself is a great thing”

Karam Al Ali

21 years old, Karam has a passion for the sport since she was a child and has continued her passion by studying physical education at the university. She trains football at Rawabi for young Children.
“Sports for life made me look at sports in a different vision, how to use it in order to show the participants how to work/develop their self and also how to highlight the issues that we face and give them ability to express and show what or how they feel. ”


Momen Masri

Momen has been playing basketball for seven years, and now he trains football in Tulkarem for about 70 children.
“Sports for Life added so much to my personality and gave me the opportunity to participate in educational workshops that added more to also my experience. Thank you for your efforts”


Majdi Abdallah

Football coach, holds a BA degree in sports sciences from the Arab American University-Palestine, Majdi has always been passionate for sport, and he believes sport can change positively life of individuals.
“Sports for Life was the point of transition in my life. Just on time where I almost felt tat I was burning my ability as a teacher, and a sports trainer. The institution opened a lot of doors for me and makes me more able in all directions”


Renad Reyad

a sport passionate from Tulkarem. She is the goalkeeper for woman national team. Now she is studying physical education at Alkhadouri university and has attended a lot of courses in the field of football and sports for development.
She also trains the youth(male & female) in PS4L football for Life program in Tulkarem.
“Sports for life gave me a big opportunity in the field of sports and life skills. And how to work in solving problems within my community, university, or anywhere I am at. And what is important is that I developed my personality, and my ability in dealing with different persons, and also how to invest in sports when it comes to sports. Thank you for the Sports for Life family. ”

Suna Makhlouf
Suna is one of our new members as a trainer, and has been a basketball palyer under the supervision of S4L ever since she was 13. she is a Michael Johnson Young Leader participant. Suna works with the UNRWA schools in our basketball for change programs.
“My journey with ps4l taught me how giving to the community can impact you as a person and those around you. It was a good way to interact with the kids and learn what steps to takes towards improving the kid’s communication skills with each other as well as with adults”

Raghad Salim
Raghad, Is a PS4L instructor that works in Football, and Basketball schools for change in UNRWA Schools. As a former participant of the Micheal Johnson, she is eager to use S4D to help and serve the community.

Ahmad Ajweh
Ahmad comes from Hebron and he is one of our skilled trainers. He loves to combine playing, with fun, and with education. He is surely a good influence for the kids and fun to be around.
“Sports for life is development, novelty, and a new system that help most ages through informal education (sports), and contains up-to-par excellent coaches”

Areen Daher
Areen is a great influence and loves what she does. As Ps4L young member, she now leads basketball for change session in UNRWA schools on the Edges of Ramallah. She is a great person and loves working with the kids as she believes that those kids she trainers now, will be the leaders in the future.
“PS4L is a program that aims to spread the usage of sports and a right method, which is picked to different young ages. The program aims to exchange experiences. For me, this project helped me develop, first my personality, and my athletic ability on the second count. Noticed a huge difference in the behavior of the students and put them in the right direction. Best staff”