Advanced Training of Trainers Workshop;
Grand Park, Ramallah.

On the 15th of October, the Grand Hotel hosted a very important event and a cornerstone of the Sports for Development Program (S4D) in Palestine. The Advanced Training of Trainers (TOT) workshop took place over four full days, as the trainers expanded their skills and knowledge on how to use sports as a developing tool. Palestine Sports for the Life (PS4L) in partnership with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) implemented on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development in Germany (BMZ) in cooperation with the Palestinian Ministry of Education (MOE), prepared an advanced program to be given to the 40 Palestinian trainers and teachers from 6 different districts in order to bring back and reflect on the Palestinian society. The opening of the workshop was done by GIZ S4D Palestine head of program Kristof Krahl, MOE representatives, Dr. Shahenaz Far head of supervision and Mr. Sadeq Khdour head of students activities, and PS4L director Tamara Awartani, all reflecting on the importance and need of sports for development in the Palestinian community.
Throughout the four-day training workshop, S4D experts Tamara Awartani and Sameh Masri delivered new approaches and delivered important topics such as Social inclusion,reflection methods, new sports and life skills games, football3 methodology. The participants had the chance to learn more about the S4D program and how to use sports for social inclusion to deliver life-skills and technical skills through games that everyone from different backgrounds and abilities can take part in. In addition to the games the participants, they had the chance to learn and adopt a whole new system by the new methodology of Football3. The Football3 methodology gives the liberation to the youth to make their own decisions and choices through football games that are set by their own rules with no referee except a moderator, fair play points are equally important as scores. Football3 is a unique method to tackle the most common issues such as drug abuse, gender equality, child rights, social inclusion, and a lot more just by using football. All games taught through the workshop focused on social inclusion, and to tap into people with disabilities further, representative of the Paralympics in Palestine gave an introduction to the participants to learn about people with disabilities and the specific sports they can enroll in. The introduction session was theoretical and practical sessions in specific sports for people with disabilities were the participants took a role in it to gain experience first hand. Moreover, the participants were given an advanced First Aid session by the Red Crescent representative to refresh and develop the participants skills in treating their students and community on and off the court.
The participants were given the space and guidance by S4D and PS4L team to think of S4D initiatives to implement in their communities. This gave the leberation to the participants to create plans rgarding the areas the live, and work in. those plans/projects were heard by organizing parties as they will fund and advice the plan. It was important to impliment such projects becuase nobody knows better about the area/school as the person who lives/works there.
The four-day program was a great success and the involved parties won’t stop with this TOT as the S4D program is evolving and reaching more less-fortunate Palestinian territories. Before ending, the PS4L along with the GIZ, BMZ, and MEO would like to give a special thanks and regards for the UNRWA Ramallah University College for helping and providing a space for the participants to have practical sessions that assure the understanding of the S4D aim.