By the arrangement of PS4L Aya 21, a graduate of the Law Department of the National University of An-Najah, participated in the “International Oncology Days” organized by the Governor of Muş, the Oncology Patients Aid and Love Association (ONKO-SEV) and the Young Accumulation Association.

Aya Volunteered in the project: “ A Blooming Plant-8th International Oncology Days  which had the theme of Combatting Women Cancer And Lung Cancers”   by Young Accumulation Association  that organizes the oncology day in different themes This year the 8th international ‘’A Blooming Plant – Oncology Days ‘’was focused on the theme of ‘’Combatting Women Cancers and Lung Cancers’’ in partnership with ONKO-SEV Association, Muş Alparslan University, Muş Governorship and with the contributions of Republic of Turkey Ministry for Health Public Health Institution in Muş Alparslan University Congress Centre between the dates of 7-14 May 2018.

PS4l always seek to provide the Palestinian Youth with opportunities that develop their technical and personal skills and help them invest their abilities in programs like these, We would also like to thank Genc Birkim organization that gave Aya this opportunity.1