PS4L organizes camps locally and internationally annually which is open for the public for the past 4 years.

PS4L organized the first summer sports camp in 2015 targeting kids ages 6 – 12 and it’ll expand and develop year by year . The summer sports camp also empowers youth , trains them to be young leaders and serve in their community.
Stay tuned for registration information for 2016 summer sports camp.

While the international camps are as follows:

  1. International Summer Camp: Turkey, Russia, Ireland
  2. International Basketball Camp: Italy, Switzerland, Greece, Spain
  3. International Football Camp: Germany, Spain

Registration is open for 2016, if you are interested call us or CLICK HERE

PS4L organizes clinics for youth coaches in football, basketball and life skills, if you are interested, make sure to send us an email with your CV and letter of interest to and we will contact you