As a continuation on the “Future World – Equality for All” Program, 2018, the PS4L community would like to trace back some of the feedback given by its participants in order to highlight the importance and the success of such exchange programs. “It was a life changing experience, which was rich in new experiences, and a mutual exchange of knowledge that enlightened several aspects that were not only limited to the subject of the project but also to things we face in our daily life. Moreover, engaging sports was brilliant as we were able to apply what we’re discussing through it” as Mays Dahadha explains. As one of the youngest participants, Mays was impressed by the methods used to argue some of the most problematic issues our world faces nowadays, such as refuges, gender inequality, and accepting the ‘other’. Mays reflected on the usage of sports and the success of relating big world problems throughout mini-games that allows everyone to express and think about situations and solutions. In addition, Hussam Malash, one of our expert trainers, who was responsible for two of the sport sessions, reflected on the program as he expresses that “I had a great opportunity to represent Palestine and sports for life in Czech republic for 7 days, We talked about gender equality and immigration and how to deal with these issues through sports. As a coach I learned how to integrate these issues with many sports activities, I also learned how to listen to others’ opinions and respect their point of view. We had the best time ever by having cultural events and activities in addition to exchanging our traditions, languages and experiences. I had the honor to talk about Palestine including the problems we face everyday such as checkpoints, unemployment, lack of sports, activities, gender equality and refugees.
I hope to be part of such an amazing experience again and participate in more in similar projects and workshops”. Hussam insisted on relating Palestinian struggle to large-scale world issues and it was also a success.
What was great about this program that it was a melting pot of people from different areas and countries. The most interesting part of this program was the different views that each country representative gave. The good communications skills allowed each and every participant to express, learn, and accept what the other had to say. This is one of the beauties for such cultural exchange programs.
The PS4L community would like to leave you with more feedback in order to get the whole picture:

Majdi Abdallah: the program was one of the best experiences that I ever had. The positive attitude from the majority of the participants was very helpful to have very smooth going discussions and tasks, which were also fun to do as an active way of learning. I got the chance to listen to experiences, perspectives and personal stories from new people which made me realize that even opposite point of views have the chance to meet and find common ground if we are willing discus it while understanding each other’s situations.
Karmel Alaydi : My review on the program that it was a good chance to meet new people from different cultures and share stories and traditions together and to get to see a new country. As a whole it was a nice experience.
Jawad Ziad: The program was bliss. On a personal level, i have learned a lot and had a lot of time. It was great seeing everyone getting together (from different nations), and brainstorming on a lot of important aspects we as humans share and have to deal with. I loved this experience and I am looking forward for more projects in such sense and manners.
Rena Nabulsi: Having the chance to experience “future world- equality” program, I was thrilled by how influencing and challenging it was, as Throughout this week, I had the chance to meet new people and exchange knowledge regarding equality, migration, and more. I feel lucky for having the chance to take a part in this program that had a huge impact on my life in every aspect.

Jihad Azzah: Representing Palestine no matter in what is always a challenge because of the image portrayed about us around the world, but this program reminded all of us how amazing it can be when we show the world what our country really is all about. The program covered two different topics but managed to combine them together in a unique way and using different methods than any I’ve ever been used to, which opened our minds to new strategies we can send a message of our own through. It was a great learning experience for all parties involved and it created friends and connections for people that live halfway across the world from each other, also opening our eyes on certain details about the topics we never really focused on. Overall it was one of the best experiences of my life personally.

Raghad Hilal: this journey was an influential experience, not only for the subjects we covered, but for the stories we shared together that made us realize we are all alike.
The different nationalities, the diversity of cultures and backgrounds all came together to shape an unforgettable week, i hope everyone has the chance to go through with such an experience, and be lucky enough to share their story with others like we did.

Nidal Masri: Wonderful educational trip, along with amazing atmosphere. I learned how to work with a group of people from different nationalities and it was a great experience.

Yomun Masri: This educational trip was a great one. I learned how to respect all cultures regardless the differences between us. I also had the pleasure to experience and feel what refugees go through and it made me think what can we do as youngsters in order to help, and spread awareness. Also as for gender inequality, it was a great topic to tackle and evolve my ways of thinking about this certain topic. Moreover, i learned how to accept the needs and wants for sexes, male and female.
The PS4L organization is proud to take role in exchange programs as it brings back great assets that are to be used inside Palestine and outside of Palestine. The participants gained lots of knowledge and learned in depth about some of the biggest issues we as humans face. The “Future World – Equality for All” program is only one of the many projects that are still to come. ☺