The Palestine Sports for Life Organization is flattered to announce that our coach Nayef Maqboul have just retrained to his homeland after an entire year of EVS in Austria. Throughout the year Nayef has been working as a volunteer in a local youth center. His stay was made possible by the Erasmus Plus program “Youth in Action” of the European Union, with the following goals on his mind: To motivate, accompany and strengthen young people in their personal development. The transition of being living in Palestine, and going to Austria taught him a lot despite the cultural differences. For his first time in Europe, he couldn’t help but compare and contrast what’s it like to live in occupied Palestine and Austria and said, “There are no barbed wire fences here, that’s good!”. The transition was a bit unusual because of the differences between the two countries when it comes to culture, language, and of course, the political situation. However, Nayef did not fail to have a good effect on the youth there as a developer and managed to add something from our own culture and values. Moreover, as there’s an input, there is also an output. The experience learned, all the good values, and morals learned from that geography and culture was brought back by Nayef to be passed on to the Palestinian society.