On behalf of GIZ, PS4L is proud to announce that it launched a new manual “Learn to Play – Play to Learn” developed by Spin for sports and development in two separate events targeting the teachers, trainers and social workers in the north in Jenin and south in Hebron. The event in Jenin was opened by Dr Rachel Folz, the Deputy Head of Development Cooperation at the German Representative Office in Ramallah followed by an overview from GIZ S4D thereafter demonstrations of the exercises in the manual by PS4L trainers on 80 youth observed by 50 teachers, trainers and social workers. In Hebron, the event was opened by the head of the Hebron ministry of Education, Hebron municipality and a  representative from the labour ministry and overview by GIZ S4D followed by demonstrations from the manual exercises by PS4L trainers on 30 youth observed by 115 teachers, trainers and social workers. In both events, the manuals were distributed and a call for TOT registration was distributed.