Raghad Salim is a young Palestinian female that was chosen to represent PS4L in the Michael Johnson Young Leaders Program. Raghad is the first Palestinian to ever be a part of the program. Michael Johnson is a 4 times Olympic Gold medalist in track and field. He created the Michael Johnson Young Leaders 3 years ago to accomplish his goal of impacting 1000s of young children around the world.  10 young leaders are chosen every year from 6 continents, leaders that have passion to serve humanity through sports, leadership and community development, Michael Johnson takes the full responsibility of funding the whole trip to Dallas, Texas, and there we take an intensive course from sport, leadership and community professionals at the MJ performance center.

After the intensive week of workshops and practice sessions, the participants are supported for a whole year to accomplish our goals either individually, or with their nominated organization. The support comes from the MJ performance, from BeyondSports and ThinkBeyond, and Coaches Across Continents.

 Raghad said that she was blessed that she was chosen as one of the 10 young amazing and passionate young leaders from all around the world coming from diverse backgrounds and cultures. .Raghad got the opportunity to be trained on fields with organizations such as CAC, where she learned that sports can be used as a tool to break barriers and address social issues that we face daily in our communities. She was also trained by MJ professional staff at the MJ performance center and were exposed to a variety of new sports technologies. Raghad’s favorite sessions were about how to impact those around you through speech.

 Raghad will soon start working on the goals that she discussed with Michael Johnson and his staff. Her goal is to work with young girls in marginalized areas with UNRWA schools by giving them basic sports and leadership training that address gender inequality and women rights.