On the 21st of November 2018, Dar Al-Kalima College for Arts and Culture hosted the Vocational Education Day in Bethlehem. The PS4L organization, in cooperation with the GIZ, BMZ, and Dar Al-Kalima College programmed a full day project for 100+ young females that came from the two Palestinian villages of Batir and Hussan. The participants had the chance to tour around the university and took an introduction about the programs that Dar Al Kalima is giving, for future education engagements in vocational workshops such as acting, painting, culinary arts, programming, and music. Moreover, as an S4D organization, the PS4L organized a program that mixed between sports and life-skills. Our four coaches Suad Masri, Shada Siam, Karam Al Ali, and Ahmad Ajweh gave mini-games that mixes between fun and learning. The main focus in today’s’ games was on how to make a good strategy, leadership, communication, and decision making. The day reached a highly satisfactory level as the participants learned, elaborated, and expressed how much they can learn just by doing small games. “it was a great day, and the day widened my vision on life skills and opened new future choices” as one of the participants explained to the coaches. Here are some of the pictures as we make you eager to wait and check the whole album. 😉