Skills4Sports Project Press Day

location_on Carmel Hotel - Ramallah

The Skills4Sports project will be presented tot he Palestinian media organized by the NGO Palestine Sports for Life on June 29, 2021 between 11am and 2pm (Palestine time) at the Carmel Hotel in Ramallah. The Skills4Sports objective is to increase the employability of NEETS (young people neither in education nor training) of the Mediterranean area in the sports sector, by developing new professionals, reducing the mismatch of skills and involving key stakeholders.

What will be improved? Skills4Sports will increase capacities of the NEETS to find better jobs with more than 200 job contracts expected thanks to the adjustment of skills’ mismatch between offer and demand. The transnational nature of the sport industry will contribute to pursue careers across borders, including international events, mobility of employees and multicultural working environments with the support of stakeholders involved in the Strategic Alliance for Skills4Sports.

Who will benefit?

  • 1,200 NEETs trained in professional skills for sport industry 
  • Training organisations 
  • 60 sports industry employers and stakeholders
  • Public authorities
  • NGOs and social organisations

Expected achievements

  • 9 new curricula for sports professionals
  • 3 electronic tools for e-learning and gamification
  • 240 training days for final beneficiaries
  • 1 Strategic Alliance for Skills4Sports

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