For me, the skills that were given from the Kick a Ball Business Curriculum are basic and important skills in the field of career orientation or in the field of entrepreneurship, and these skills, from my point of view, are the basis of the success of any person in his job or in his own business.

Yumon Masri , Football Life Skills coach- Tulkarem "Kick For trade "

"I learned from this training the purposes of how to develop project management skills, among other topics such as self-confidence, adaptability, teamwork, etc. These are important aspects in our professional lives and in our society. Thus, What distinguishes it from other training sessions is that there are matches where we apply and use football as a tool to implement these topics."

Yathrib Salameh, Football Life Skills coach- Tulkarem "Kick For trade " Program

As a Team Leader, I want to Motivate and help encourage and inspire children and Youth that small things make a difference. I want to help kids find their way in life to learn how to be leaders and trailblazers. Our failures are also a part of our success story. Sports isn't just a game, it's a way of life. Look at how many athletes have inspired others to become something great in their society.

Maysoun Nakhleh, Athlete, Coach and Team Leader PS4L

The Coach Accreditation Program gave me confidence on how to communicate with adolescence and young children, and how to teach them life skills through games. I learned how to design a game from scratch and relay a message. These techniques gave me effective ways to present ideas to children I am targeting.

Rana Khawaldeh, Sports Supervisor & PE teacher, UNRWA Qalandia

I found huge success in teaching life skills through small games since I've seen a change in children's behavior and thoughts from when they first started until now. How they work together, manage their time, and many more behaviors have been developed through my lessons.

Yumon Masri, PS4L Trainer & Facilitator, Tulkarem

My personality developed since I became more self-confident and developed steadfastness. I aspire to help as many people as I can and to grow a name for myself and through PS4L I know that it will be possible due to their valuable input to the community.

Amna Odeh, Goalkeeper, Tulkarem

The sports and life skills I have gained through PS4L had a great impact on myself, from learning how to interact with people, whether old or young, women or men, to thinking outside the box and initiating solutions. I learned how I could help others think more positively and how to deal with others with empathy.

Renad Mousa, PS4L Trainer, Tulkarem

PS4L staff have been consulted for different international projects for its wide experience, specifically in Palestine Sports.

Omar Shamali