"The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow" Nelson Mandela

Thank you for your support in making a change

You can support our trauma and psychosocial support programs in Gaza 

You can also support our girls football team in Tulkarem "Team Palestine" mostly from the Tulkarem and Nur Shams refugee camps, who are in a vulnerable position due to the ongoing difficult circumstances.

Name of account holder: Palestine Sports for Life

I.D. of the account holder:  RA-22735-S

BANK NAME:             Quds Bank                 

ACCOUNT NUMBER:   0402/0045599/002/0010/000

BANK ADDRESS: Ramallah Downtown Main Str. - Al-Natsheh Building                                                                                                              
Swift Code: ALDNPS 22

IBAN #:  PS12 ALDN 0402 0045 5990 0200 1000 0     Currency USD

IBAN #:  PS76 ALDN 0402 0045 5990 4300 1000 0      Currency  Euro

Please indicate  " Gaza" or "Team Palestine"  when doing the transfer