Sports for Life: Improving & Empowering

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This Tuesday, August 3, 2021, at 8 pm Palestine time a session titled, "Sports for Life (development and empowerment)" via the application Zoom will be held.

This workshop will be hosted by an expert in sports for development, Dr. Tamara Awartani, who is the Executive Director of the the non-profit organization Palestine Sports for Life, and will also be hosted by an expert in developing leadership skills in individuals and institutions, Dr. Musab Hamad, who is a specialist in human, administrative and educational development affairs.

This workshop will be managed by Eng. Jaafar Ibrahim, Director of Development at the International Badminton Federation, and the workshop will be held in cooperation with the NGO Palestine Sports for Life and the fb4cm Consulting and Marketing Foundation in Amman.

  • Certificate of attendance will only be presented to those who attend the full session.
  • The link to enter the session will be posted on our social media pages Tuesday afternoon.