Arab Sports Culture Association: Online Event for Sustainable National Initiatives for the development of sports and communities

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On October 5, 2023, Tamara Awartani, who holds the position of Director at PS4L, played a pivotal role as a guest speaker during an online event organized by the Arab Sports Culture Association. The central theme of this event was the exploration of sustainable national initiatives geared towards the development of sports and communities. Driven by the leadership of Dr. Sabaa Jarrar, the Vice President of the Union, this event served as the inaugural activity of the Courses and Training Committee for the year 2023-2024, conducted through Zoom.

The essence of the seminar was to delve into the intricate aspects of sustainable national initiatives and their profound impact on both sports and community development. The event brought together initiative owners from seven different countries, fostering a collaborative environment where diverse perspectives and experiences were shared. This multi-country participation emphasized the universal significance of implementing sustainable measures for the betterment of sports and community life. Overall, the event marked not only the commencement of the Union's activities for the specified period but also the embodiment of a global commitment to sustainable practices in sports and community development.