First Aid Course by the Medical Relief, with the participation of PS4L

location_on Tulkarem

A first aid course was conducted by the Palestinian Medical Relief Society, with approximately 30 participants attending. The purpose of the course was to raise awareness about the importance of general knowledge in first aid, considering the challenges faced by Palestinians, especially in the recent events in Tulkarm city. Tulkarm has been a focal point of incidents in the past, and the ongoing situation requires us all to have a general understanding of how to administer first aid, as anyone could face such circumstances.

In line with this, our organization participated in the course with 4 trainers((Munir Al-Masri, Amar Habbayeb, Malek Hajjebi, Aya Habbayeb)  who obtained certificates affirming their ability to perform first aid in the field, particularly in handling emergency situations and providing first aid to individuals injured by live Bullets.

They have received a beginner first aid certificate and excelled in it. The course was provided and supervised by the Palestinian Medical Relief Society. After their outstanding success in the beginner course, they have been registered for the advanced course, which they started this month. The advanced course will grant them a recognized first responder card, and 95% of the course will involve practical applications.