My Health, My Life Style , 'Al-Amari Girls School'

location_on AL-Amari Refugee Camp, Ramallah

The program event at Al-Amari School for the "My Health My Lifestyle" program is designed to provide a day of expression and enjoyment for children, allowing them to showcase and apply the teachings they have received. The event will feature various stations set up throughout the school premises, each offering engaging activities related to health and lifestyle.

At these stations, children will have the opportunity to participate in interactive workshops, games, and demonstrations aimed at promoting healthy habits and lifestyles. For example, one station might focus on nutrition, Another station could offer physical activities and exercises to emphasize the significance of regular exercise and staying active.

Throughout the event, educators and facilitators will be present to guide and support the children, ensuring they have a meaningful and enjoyable experience. By offering a range of interactive and educational activities, the program event aims to reinforce the lessons learned in the "My Health My Lifestyle" program and inspire children to adopt healthier habits that will benefit them throughout their lives.