PS4L Runs a Life Skills Camp Using Sports

location_on Al-Aroub & Fara’a Refugee Camps

PS4L staff developed a curriculum and applied sports-for-development principles in the implementation of two week-long youth vocational guidance summer camps that took place in August in Al-Aroub and Fara’a refugee camps, in cooperation with GIZ. The summer camps aimed to empower youth from 14 to 16 years old from Jerusalem and various areas in northern Palestine and to enlighten them about job opportunities, as well as teach them more about vocational schools and what they could offer them in the future. Using sports, PS4L staff provided vocational guidance; they helped the youth to connect to each other, communicate, and reflect on their inner selves. The youth were able to minimize the gap between their ambitions and reality as they discovered their strengths, skills, and capabilities. The youth were also put into situations where they needed to discuss topics of interest and take and defend decisions, as well as overcome barriers. The youth gained confidence in themselves and in their groups. They learned to trust and to work as a team, and to believe in each other regardless of gender. The youth also increased their fitness through fun outdoor games.
Relying on sports-for-development principles, PS4L surely made a difference in this vocational guidance camp. It was an unforgettable experience that will continue to guide them in the future.

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