location_on Al Bireh Municipality

The SDC/GIZ co-financed project Center of Competence conducted a two days event at the AL Bireh Municipality.
The event was aiming at providing the CoCs with an opportunity to present themselves as sectoral centers of excellence to a public audience and in particular to young people, who are soon about to make a decision how to start a career.

The venue was arranged in the form of a tour, that encouraged the visitor groups to travel between the various fields of occupation various and indoor and outdoor activities at each of the booths.
Over the duration of two days around 800 students were received from all over the Westbank, each group of 20 students, who took part in a sports and life skills exercise that focused on communication, strategy planning, and leadership, thereafter reflected on these exercises and how they connect with their vocational education and daily life.
The students were encouraged to participate in various learning situations conducted by the individual CoCs. They were stimulated to interact with staff and students of the CoCs and were given the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding about specific occupational fields, skills and competences needed to start a career.

A group of student councillors was ready to guide them further about career options in TVET and to answer their questions on the spot. The event was enriched by additional activities by S4D, who involved the visitors in strategic games to make them understand the importance of personal and social skills.

Please check out the video of the event here (This page is available on the web!).