Two Training of Trainers Workshops in Jenin and Bethlehem

Palestine sports for life organization has completed two training of trainers workshops in Jenin and Bethlehem in cooperation with GIZ/ Sports for development program on behalf of BMZ (The Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development). The workshops were organized in partnership with the ministry of higher education, the department of academic supervision and qualification, the department of students activities and the department of school health, the directorate of Education in Bethlehem, Hebron, South Hebron, South Hebron, Tubas and South Tubas.

The Arab American University hosted the 3 days workshop in Jenin while Dar Al-Kalima University College of Arts and Culture hosted the 3 days workshop in Bethlehem. The workshops targeted Physical education teachers, school health teachers, sports coaches, PE Students from both Jenin (14 attendees) and Bethlehem (18 attendees). The workshop aimed to train the teachers and coaches to use sports as a tool for teaching, solving social issues, developing the life skills of their students and players and help them connect it to sports and the daily life. The workshop had a theoretical and practical part and also had a clear focus on how to design a 45 & 90 mins session including sports and life skills for different age groups.

Tamara Awartani, the director of Palestine Sports for Life said: “The life skills of the attendees had been strengthened and were merged with different sports such as the ultimate Frisbee, touch rugby, football and basketball. She insured that every coach and teacher who attended the training had theoretical and practical training in order to use these programs to build a mindful complete society using sports as a tool”.

PS4L aims to reach out to all teachers and trainers across Palestine to teach them the approach of Sports for development and enrich them with new tools. PS4L holds several workshops and events throughout the year and across Palestine that involve developing trainers and organizing events for youth using sports as a vehicle to develop their life skills.