Salima Saleem- The First Palestinian In The Michael Johnson Young Leaders Program

Salima Salim, 21 years old-

Having spent her life in a conflict area such as Palestine Salima has experienced challenges on a daily basis. From an early age Salima found that playing sports to be a breather and a development tool for her and the other children around her. She developed her ability in basketball over a number of years with local organizations such as Palestine Sports for Life until she was selected to participate in a camp in Switzerland and her team won first place in Palestine Under 18s basketball. Salima is coaching basketball and in her 3rd year of an engineering degree. She has great potential in being a community leader and making a change using sports the way it made a difference for her. Salima wants to be a stronger basketball coach and address the issues of gender and girls education which are both problems in Palestine.

Michael Johnson Young Leaders is providing underprivileged young people from around the world with the confidence, skills and resources to achieve a better future for themselves by focusing on sporting performance, leadership and community.