Welcome Back Lena Mahmoud

The 23 years old Lena Nezar Mahmoud from Palestine Sports for Life came back after completing a two months EVS in Samsun, Turkey in the TALEUKEMIA – BRIDGE OF HOPE program organized by OMU.  Lena holds a degree in Health and Nutrition from the University of Berzeit and she is fully committed to voluntary works, as she believes it is a main source of change. Therefore, she went to Turkey to do her Voluntary Services. Lena worked in a hospital with children that suffer from leukemia. She took part in Ondokuz Mayis: Children’s Hospital and her tasks centered on working with the kids to make them feel better and spread the joy.  During an interview, Lena told us that she “was saddened by what she saw, yet she was so happy to take part in this moral cause”, and reflected on voluntary services as she continued and added that its considered to be the “unselfish effort to bring cheer to others, and that in turn will reflect back on us”. Lena told us that she brought back a lot of positive things that she will start reflecting back to the community and above all appreciation of one's own health and how to make sure to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Lena was also enrolled in a Turkish language course. Towards the end, Lena wanted to thank PS4L and said: “ I want to show grace, and be grateful to those who provide us with great life opportunities”.  We want to thank Lena for her highly moral goals, and we want to wish her the best of luck.