Advanced Training of Trainers in Gaza

PS4L has concluded a two-day advanced Training of Trainers (TOT) sessions in Gaza, in cooperation with GIZ, implemented on behalf of BMZ. For two days, the 11th and 13th of Feb., nineteen trainers learned and adapted new skills in order to achieve and go further in the Sports for development approach. The first day witnessed a practical series of new games in football, basketball and life skills, and new reflection methods for the end of each training session to connect the life skills with daily life. The highlight with the first day was focused upon social inclusion as it is important for the trainers to learn and adapt their skills on how to plan a good session to provide an inclusive educational environment for children and youth from both genders and all backgrounds. On the second day, the football3 methodology was introduced that aims to help with a variety of different challenges that Palestinians face, such as gender inequality, violence, unemployment and much more, then practically football3 and basketball3 were put into action. Our expert Sameh Masri supported our Gaza trainers in tackling social issues which their youth suffer from using football3 and basketball3 methodology. To conclude the TOT, the trainers were given the chance to come up with their own one-day initiatives, to plan it and implement it in the next three months that will be supported by GIZ. The trainers will design programs on certain objectives, or certain topics they want to address in their communities so stay tuned. It was great hearing out the different ideologies, and the different views our trainers had during their learnings at the TOT. We want to thank all our trainers, and partners in Gaza for the great deeds they are doing for a positive change within the community. We are looking forward to furthering such-like sessions that guarantee the success of our S4D approach and the impact it leaves.