Advice During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Within this month, the coronavirus has spread to many communities throughout the world. The World Health Organization has declared a national emergency for this pandemic. Our role is to protect ourselves, loved ones and the community from the spread of this contagious virus by limiting social contact.
What are the main symptoms? The main symptoms when contracting the coronavirus include getting a fever, headache, coughing, and in more severe cases difficulty breathing. 
How can I protect myself from this virus? The best thing you can do is to stay home and avoid social gatherings. There is no cure found yet so any information on the internet claiming that there is a cure is false news. However, making sure you eat healthy, sleep 7 to 9 hours (8 to 14 hours for kids), and exercise for at least 4 times a week for 30 minutes at home can be the best things to do for maintaining and strengthening your immune system against this virus. 
What healthy foods should I focus on? There is no one food that can cure the virus, but including sources that have these nutrients in your diet everyday will help strengthen your immune system: vitamin A (carrots and spinach), vitamin C (lemon and oranges), vitamin E (nuts and seeds), protein and zinc (chicken and cheese). 
- There are many sources for each of these nutrients. Mentioned above are only two common sources.
How to cope with social distancing? Know that you are not alone. Calling or video-calling your family and friends could help you feel less isolated. This is the time to do the things you love indoors, to begin projects you've delayed, or to learn something new. This could be the time to read that book you left unfinished or putting your cooking skills to the test!
For the latest and science-based information on the coronavirus, we recommend you reading further from these evidence-based websites: &