My Health My Wellbeing: 40 Day Campaign

On May 18th, Palestine: Sports for Life in cooperation with the Australian Representative Office in Ramallah are organizing a 40 day campaign till end of June called My Health My Wellbeing. This campaign focuses on nutrition and sports, to raise awareness on health. Dietitian Zaina Barghouti is one of the nutritionists hosting live Webinars throughout this campaign, every Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday at 5pm. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Nutrition and Food Consumer from the University of Reading in England, and a Masters Degree in Clinical Nutrition and Eating Disorders from the University College London (UCL). Dietitian Lana Mohsen , a graduate from Palestine Birzeit University, also hosted a Live Webinar and will be hosting more in the coming month. This campaign began during Ramadan, so Dietitian Zaina, discussed nutrition and healthy eating during Ramadan, nutrition during Eid and after Ramadan. Topics that were also covered this month include: Disordered Eating and Eating Disorders (Approaches to avoid extreme dieting), Sports Nutrition (What to eat before, during and after training for different sport intensities), and the Keto Diet. Women's Health, Child Health, and how to read the nutrition label, Intermittent Fasting, Atkins Diet among other topics will be covered in June. 

To read more about the Nutrition specialists, Zaina Barghouti and Lana Mohsen; check out the My Health My Wellbeing album here: 

For the sports online sessions, organized by Palestine: Sports for Life and the Australian Representative Office in Ramallah and in cooperation with PS4L partners Football United and Creating Chances from Australia, their experienced members and well known sports athletes are hosting live sessions every Wednesday and Friday at 9am on different workouts and different sports: Football, Basketball, general fitness, Rugby, Jiujitsu. While Palestinian sports experts also hosted live Webinars, such as kickboxing with Jihan Sharbeeni, Fitness with Marwa Taqaz, Rana Khawaldeh, athletics basics with Diya Breiki, Tabata and circuit training with Jordanian expert trainer Rada Jaser, and more to join in June. These live Webinars in nutrition and sports allow for interactive questions and answers with the experts and audience, and giving the trainers a platform to reach the community.
Sports and nutrition facts are posted on Palestine: Sports for Life Facebook page, including quizzes to assure the knowledge on the live Webinars. Check out this quiz on the live Webinar done by Dietitian Zaina on Disordered Eating and Eating Disorders: