End of My Health My Wellbeing Campaign

It has been 4 months since the first coronavirus case in Palestine occurred. Although social distancing is mandated and sanitation has been stressed, the number of cases has risen. As a right towards ourselves it is important to optimize our health by staying active and eating nutritious foods. During the month of June,  Palestine: Sports for Life in cooperation with the Australian Representative Office in Ramallah organized a campaign known as My Health My Wellbeing, which was initially launched at the end of May. Within this campaign, 3 nutrition specialists and 24 sports professionals (9 from Australia, 5 from the United States, and 10 from Palestine) hosted live sports sessions in different sports such as fitness, basketball, football, Australian rugby, Yoga, aerobics, athletics, Tabata, JiuJitsu, and self defense reaching over 20K people. Also, facts and quizzes were posted constantly to promote healthy eating patterns and physical activity, which are both essential to focus on during these times.