United States Professional Basketball Trainers Hosting LIVE Webinars

Within this month, Palestine: Sports for Life collaborated with Dog HoursDog Hours, is based in the United States, where professional coaches help develop personal performance and skill training for basketball athletes. Two professional coaches, Justin Tate and Bryant Langston, hosted live webinars on basketball drills and fitness. There professionalism comes through, with intense drills that can be followed through and mastered; their live webinars are recorded and can be watched by clicking the links below. These live webinars are examples of how basketball, or any sport, can be a means of connection and development. 

Click here to watch Coach Tate's Workout
Click here to watch Coach Lang's Workout

PS4L continued their collaboration with Hooper Mentality, an NGO based in the United States; focused on providing coaching, mental health training, life skills, sponsorships, and leadership workshops for young athletes. Coach Laura Tapia, a professional basketabll player and coach, hosted a live webinar on basketball drills and ball handling. 

Click here to watch Coach Tapia's Workout