Rehlet Mejd

Palestine: Sports for Life  in partnership with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and Sharek Youth Forum, funded by the Belgium Government , in cooperation with the Ministry of Jerusalem Affairs, Ministry of Education and UNRWA implemented two initiatives. Within the month of August, there were 20 sports and gender episodes for children, youth and family members to watch, participate and interact reaching 27,858 views.

In each episode, professional trainers (Renad Mousa, Rada Jaser, Jihan Shirbeeni, Rana Khawaldeh, Yumon Masri and Momen Masri) directed the segments and discussed gender topics, to promote gender equality. Each trainer is specalized in different fields of sports and exercise, which made these episodes comprehensive and various, so the audience watching can try new things and have fun. Yumon Masri and Momen Masri gave soccer sessions while talking about their journey in football as brother and sister as inspiration, Rada Jaser gave karate and short exercises, Jihan Sharbeeni gave kickboxing sessions, and Rana Khawaldeh gave aerobic exercises with her children. The trainers also brought awareness on COVID-19, discussing preventative measures to take to limit it's spread and to stay safe. 
Watch one of professional trainer Rada Jasers' karate sessions here: