Kiyan Ashraf Rashid featured on Azm University Online Health Discussion

Palestine: Sports for Life Dietitian and Communications Coordinator, Kiyan Ashraf Rashid, was featured on an initiative called STEP (S=sleep, T=training, E=eating, P=purpose). Fitness has exploded into an industry that is billions of dollars, despite those huge numbers, it is still hard to know whats healthy. With all the ads and media campaigns, health enthusiasts still find it hard to choose and make healthy choices. This online webinar was directed by Douaa Sebahy (a journalist) and supported by Azm University in Lebanon, to bring awareness and educate those interested on health. Panelists along side Kiyan included Abbas Mouzannar (Co-founder of Athlete's Diary), Nelly Attar (first women in Lebanon to climb Mount Everest and was awarded fitness influencer of the year), Nizar Kawaache (Co-founder of Athlete's Diary), and Dalia Zawil (researcher in fitness). Kiyan discussed her role in the health and wellness promotion within PS4L that is evidence-based and common problems she faces when dealing with personal clients. She answered questions in nutrition, such as her thoughts on intermediate fasting and social media influence on body image.