Sports for Gender

A tiny glimpse into today's event that was filled with positive energy and enthusiasm. As part of a 16-day joint campaign “Together Against Violence”, Palestine: Sports for Life in partnership with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and Sharek Youth Forum, funded by the Belgium
Government , in cooperation with the Ministry of Jerusalem Affairs, Ministry of Education and UNRWA, and Palestinian Football Association has implemented an Educational Sports Day called Sports for Gender Equality at Faisal Husseini International Stadium, Al-Ram. The day witnessed 120 Boys and Girls from Qalandia and Shufat Refugee Camp Schools, and AlRam Quds Islamiyeh School as part of the Youth Empowerment and Protection Project through Gender Interventions in Jerusalem implemented
through the 16-days joint activity.

The day was launched by the minister Mr. Fadi Hidmi; Ms. Kaat De Nijs Head of Mission, Belguim Government; Ms. Kristin Blokhus Country Representative of UNFPA; Mr. Muawia Amar, Chief Field Education programme at UNRWA; Mr. Mohammad Hawash, Head of Counselors; Mr. Abdel Hakeem Jamous, Head of Students Activities from the Ministry of Education; Ms. Aya Shaltaf, Palestinian Football Federation.

Event on Palestinian national TV: Sports for Gender Event on Palestine TV Channel

More pictures of the event: Sports for Gender Event Pictures

- Faisal Husseini International Stadium, Al-Ram (Event Location)