PS4L Accepted in Game Changer Camp

PS4L was accepted to participate in an online camp called Game Changer CAMP, organized by TechSoup Europe. In this camp four PS4L members will participate: Majdi Shaloudi, Social Counselor and Sport/Life Skills Trainer; Kiyan Ashraf Rashid, Nutrition Specialist and Program Coordinator; Maysoon Nakleh Sport/Life Skills Trainer; and Yumon Masri, Sport/Life Skills Facilitator and Trainer. This camp will be four days long and will have multiple representatives from different organizations throughout Europe. The Game Changer CAMP is aimed to network organizations, share ideas on youth development, and teach gamification.

This camp is an inclusive and participant-driven conference that examines and strengthens the relationship between online and offline technology and tools. Game Changer CAMP will share the latest research, best practices, methodologies surrounding how to plan, run and evaluate effective online and offline campaigns, how to design and run Social City Games and share knowledge with other NGOs, activists and experts directly (or indirectly) addressing P/CVE (Preventing/Countering Violent Extremism) among other frameworks. PS4L members are excited to learn new skills and exchange their experiences within this camp.