Safeguarding Policies The Accredited Trainers Program

This month, 20 Palestinian coaches and counselors participanted in the first accredited program on Purposeful Play in Palestine. They completed a child safeguarding course focused on safeguarding policies. The participants designed a child safeguarding policy adapted to the Palestinian context, that will be shared with their schools, organizations and communities. This program is run by Charlie Crawford from Coaches Across Continents (CAC) and Tamara Awartani from Palestine: Sports for Life (PS4L), and supported by Catalyst Foundation for Universal Education. This program equips coaches with initiating Education Outside the Classroom, impacting the UNSDGs and Safe-Guarding Child Rights through Purposeful Play methodologies.
Here are some testimonials of candidates in the Accredited Trainers Program:
  • "This program is wonderful since we arrange our ideas, develop purposeful play, and consistently stay interested while learning. I benefited mostly on how to design games and set goals based on the conditions in which we live in. Through these games, we can shed light on the crises occurring and direct our children through play and setting goals. Through purposeful play we can draw laughter on the faces of our children. Truly, all thanks and appreciation for the wonderful educators and courses presented. These lessons have had a great impact on me, not only has it increased my knowledge, but it also makes me proud to be a part of a wonderful and community-driven team." Arwa Abu Jokha
  • "Participating in the training course  has been a very enjoyable and beneficial experience since I work with teenagers and I need this type of training that aims to integrate sports games with raising awareness on gender issues, gender equality and basic human rights. The courses increase my knowledge and skills in game design. In working on the Child Rights, Monitoring and Evaluation package, it showed me that this is a comprehensive course that includes all the requirements needed for trainers to produce the best possible results. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in these sessions." - Linda Samhan
  • This program targets children, particularly the Palestinian children, with an excellent and comprehensive format. - Saed Sabah