Sunday Practice with Coach Yumon Masri on Mental Health Day

PS4L Facilitator and Trainer Yumon Masri raises awareness on mental health and covid-19 on World Mental Health Day. Yumon uses her specialty to raise awareness on the importance of maintaining one's mental health by using football to introduce in-depth questions on self-value, loneliness, understanding emotions, and importance of teamwork. She brought awareness on COVID-19; giving children a platform to speak on how they feel during these tough times. In the session, Yumon introduced four activities that promoted following covid-19 safety protocols, life skills and recognizing one's mental health.
In an activity, the children and teenagers had to express different emotions through a football exercise and small games, Yumon would then ask questions focused on mental well-being, like: is it easy to express emotions, which emotion did you have trouble identifying, and do all people express the same emotion the same way. In another activity, the children and teens divided themselves into pairs and had to choose a leader between them. The leader does an exercise and it has to be copied by the other person. Yumon chose special questions to discuss to develop their mental well-being, some question are: did you like playing with a friend, do you think that friends are important in your life, what if a friend asks you to do something beyond your ability. These questions brought to light the importance of mental health; that confidence and how a person interprets their environment is important to recognize. PS4L is proud to have Yumon Masri, leading a team of coaches in Tulkarem, with her expertise in developing the youth.

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