PS4L Trainers Hosted at Generation Amazing Festival

PS4L professional trainers, Maysoun Nakhleh and Yumon Masri, were hosted at the 2020 Generation Amazing Festival (held from the 2nd to 4th of December). This yearly festival was open to all youth to register, specifically those who are interested in:
  1. participating in workshops on football for development
  2. attending sessions on improving leadership and social skills
  3. experiencing a unique cultural exchange with other youth across the world
PS4L trainers, Maysoun Nakhleh and Yumon Masri, gave a session called "Learn, Inspire and Influence". Within this session, they talked about the importance of youth education, to keeping learning, to be active citizens in inspiring other youth and children and postively influencing the community. They also shared their role in PS4L as trainers who inspire and influence the youth in marginalized areas to take social action, develop critical thinking skills and life skills, which they can apply to their daily life. 

Thanks to the organizers, Generations Amazing.