PS4L Director, Tamara Awartani, Hosted on Women in Camp Summit

Director and cofounder of PS4L, Tamara Awartani, was a spokesperson in the Women in Camp Summit. The camp was for two days (held on December 2nd and 3rd) where motivational and mainstream topics were discussed by professionals. The Women in Camp Summit was founded for professionals to discover new ways to connect and share valuable experiences and perspectives. Furthermore, it is a recognized platform for professionals to share their personal stories with others professionals in various fields. Major themes that were covered in the two day summit include: anti-racism, business and operations, career development, gender study, management and staff training, mental health, networking, and personal development. Tamara Awartani was a spokesperson in a session called "Women from Around the World Spotlight". In this session led by Dr. Gwynn Powell , Tamara and other worldwide professionals discussed the challenges they faced and how they overcame them with creativity and determination in organizing camps. The session delved into showcasing how community leaders overcame their dilemmas and successfully created an applicable version of a better community!

Women from Around the World Spotlight: Listen to Tamara's and other women from the world's experience