Ceremony for the 19 Accredited Coaches

PS4L is proud to announce the first 19 Palestinian accredited coaches who completed the comprehensive six month Coach Accreditation Program supported by Catalyst Foundation for Universal Education, developed and implemented by Coaches Across Continents (CAC) in partnership with PS4L. This accredited program is the first of it's kind in Palestine that was developed to equip sports educators in properly initiating education outside the classroom, impacting the United Nations goals for sustainable development (UNSDGs) and safe-guarding child rights through purposeful play methodologies. This program was led and presented by Charlie Crawford from CAC and Tamara Awartani, the director and cofounder of PS4L.

By the end of the program, trainers learned how to effectively and efficiently design purposeful games while also developing observational tools for monitoring and evaluating their design's impact. The trainers also developed the first Palestinian Curriculum in purposeful play and developed a framework for a Palestinian Child Policy to be adopted by schools and youth clubs. On December 4th, PS4L hosted a congratulatory ceremony for the trainers who completed the program and presented certificates to signify their accomplishment with representatives from CAC, PS4L and the Ministry of Education - Students Activities department. Everyone shared their thoughts on how the program positively affected them and their programming in their schools and communities.
PS4L thanks the Ministry of Education and UNRWA for their cooperation throughout the course of implementing the program.