My Education, My Power - Winter Camp

Over the last year, PS4L has been preparing a unique sports educational program in Palestine. On January 27th of 2021, PS4L launched the program titled "My Education, My Power", funded by the US Department of State, Public Diplomacy - US Palestinian Affairs Unit. This winter camp was initiated three days after the United Nations celebrated International Day of Education (on Jan 24th).

The 14-day camp offered a combination of classroom English language lessons, outside classroom purposeful play, and sports activities. The sports activities were developed to improve the student's soft skills, self-confidence, time management and planning, perseverance, team cooperation and leadership skills. The camp also introduced students to different educational and career pathways, offering the students a three-in-one opportunity to develop on a personal, academic and career level while reinforcing the importance of education.

A specialized program curriculum was developed by American and Palestinian professionals who are English Educators, Sports for Development and Mentorship Trainers. Two camps with the same program curriculum was launched in different villages in Palestine. In the Palestinian village, known as Abu Shukheidem, more than 70 girls are enrolled in the winter camp, ages 10 to 13. While in the Palestinian village called Beit Liqya, more than 70 girls and boys ages 10 to 12 are enrolled in the winter camp program in cooperation with the Ministry of Education - Students Activities Department. The camps gave these students an opportunity to learn more about themselves, their competencies and tendency towards different educational, vocational, and entrepreneurial career pathways.

Tune in soon for more details and videos!

PS4L Winter Camp