2021 Raising a #WhiteCard

On April 6th, PS4L held an event to celebrate the positive impact sports can make on a community. PS4L coaches directed activities on peaceful play and life skills in honor of the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace (IDSDP).  PS4L staff members and students raised a white card, which acts as a symbol for inclusion and peace worldwide. Like a referee who uses the yellow and red cards in the sporting world, we raise a white card to demonstrate our support in using sports to bring about social change, such as social inclusion, gender equity, intercultural understanding, and youth empowerment. 

PS4L youth shared their journeys, on the Peace and Sports online platform, on how sports changed their lives and shaped their future aspirations. Check out PS4L football players Aya Habayeb's story "Believing in Oneself", and Alaa Taneeb's story "Proud Female Football Player".

Thanks to our amazing trainers for guiding the event in honor of IDSDP and teaching impactful life skills: Coach Yumon Masri, Coach Momen Masri, and Coach Mohammad Abu-Altteen.

Watch our event for IDSDP and raising a #WhiteCard