Tamara Awartani on Episode 17 of the Freo de Janeiro Podcast

On May 25th, Executive Director of PS4L, Tamara Awartani, was a guest speaker on the 17th episode of the Freo de Janerio podcast, hosted by Abid Iman. The Freo de Janeiro podcast is an independent and community cultivated show covering a range of backgrounds and inspirational personalities from across the world. Within the podcast, Tamara discussed her exceptional sports background and how she founded the Sports for Development NGO Palestine: Sports for Life (abbreviated as PS4L).

As Tamara takes us through her journey and the mission of PS4L, she also perfectly depicts the effects of the ongoing occupation occurring in the West Bank as well as the siege occurring in the Gaza Strip. From a professional athlete, coach, NGO founder, and curriculum developer, this podcast touches upon pivotal points that you should not miss! 

Sneak peek on how PS4L mission came to be: "[...] my whole perspective for sports and my whole personality and mindset shifted from sports, and this is something that I wanted to give as hope for the kids [in Palestine]. For me, sports was this really nice space and a bubble that I wanted to go to."

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