ENI CBC Med Programme Mentions PS4L's Press & Info Day

PS4L's info and press day for the Skills4Sports project was mentioned in the ENI CBC Med Programme news (read full article here). Within the press and info day, PS4L invited Palestinian key stakeholders and policy makers in the sports sector, as well as sports journalists to present the key objectives and outcomes of the Skills4Sports project.

The Skills4Sports project aims to increase the employability of youth neither in education, employment nor training (abbreviated as NEETs) in the Mediterranean region. This project will play a large role in developing new professionals, reducing the mismatch of skills, and enhancing key transferable skills and market-related knowledge for professionals in the sports sector. Furthermore, it will create new niche professions and a support network for the development of sports professionals. 
Watch how the Skills4Sports Press Day event went!

Contact Person for the Skills4Sports project:
Executive Director of PS4L - Dr. Tamara Awartani 
Press Day Event PS4L  Press Day Event PS4L