Aflatoun's 5 Year Strategic Plan

On October 26th, Program and Communication Coordinator Kiyan Rashid attended Aflatoun's strategic five-year goal, framework, and program plan for the MENA region. PS4L recently became a partner organization with the leading program and curriculum developing non-profit organization - Aflatoun. Aflatoun is recognized internationally for developing detailed frameworks and content in programs focused on educating children about their rights and responsibilities while also providing social and financial education to increase alternative work opportunities and entrepreneurs in marginalized areas.

Within the meeting, program managers, coordinators, public health officials, and directors from the MENA region partnering with Aflatoun participated in the five-year plan overview. This meeting allowed PS4L and partnering MENA organizations to review the general framework and intended program outcomes before the detailed curricula materials and methodologies are developed. Thus, final inputs of ideas, needs, and recognized gaps within the five-year plan were discussed. This is an exciting partnership with PS4L; stay tuned for new programs on life skills and entrepreneurship.