Street Child World Cup Summit

Furthering the impact of sports within the Palestinian community, PS4L representative Sameh Masri attended the Street Child World Cup (SCWC) Summit, a preparation event for the SCWC that will take place in October 2022. PS4L's girls' team from Tulkarem will take part in the SCWC tournaments; therefore, this 4-day summit was an opportunity for PS4L to connect with fellow team leaders and develop ways for ensuring an impactful SCWC event for the youth.

PS4L was part of several workshops, visited several schools, including an eco-school focused on sustainability and positive behavioral changes. Moreover, Mr. Sameh Masri attended the WISE 2021 event, where youth education was discussed since it will be the key theme in the 2022 SCWC event.

SCWC will be a 10-day event from October 3rd-14th, 2022; the event will have 13 girls' teams, including PS4L girls' team, and 13 boys' teams. The teams will play football, while also raising their voices on important social issues youth experience in a general assembly. An exciting tournament and social awareness event where PS4L players will share experiences, discuss social issues, and play football. Stay Tuned!