Women in Sport for Social Change Session

PS4L Founder and Director Tamara Awartani was a guest host in the virtual Women in Sport for Social Change session. This session was to shed light on women who use sport to create innovative solutions to tackle society's most complex challenges. Hosted by Australian sports presenter Stephanie Brantz, and alongside Tamara Awaratni was founder of Grass Skirt Project - Tahina Booth, and Co-founder of KICKFAIR - Steffi Biester.

Within the session, these remarkable women shared their journey, leadership challenges, successes, impact of their work, and what they are currently doing to contribute to achieving the global goals for sustainable development. This session was also a key part in the 2022 Sportswomen for Change program where fellow PS4L trainer Rana Khawaldeh participated in. It was a great session highlighting sportswomen for change, and offering different experiences and perspectives in the realm of sports.

Sportswomen for Change Session -Tamara Awartani