Sports Women for Change Podcast

  On April 27th, PS4L sports and life skills trainer Rana Khawaldeh was a guest speaker in the Sportswomen for Change Podcast organized by Creating Chances. The podcast highlights the powerful role women play in using sports to contribute in reaching the sustainable development goals. The hostess of the episode was Eve Freya from Football United and Creating Chances, who is a trainer in sports for development. She and Rana delved into the importance of life skills and in using sports as a tool to relay a message to youth.

  Rana guided listeners through her extensive experience in working with young people from the ages of 10 to 16, and in providing sports for life skills sessions in schools with a focus on educating girls about their rights. In the conversation with Eve, Rana also discusses how her values have helped her overcome many challenges in life and the role sports played in her upbringing.

  In the beginning of this year, Rana Khawaldeh was a chosen leader among 20 other influential women in the Football United Sportswomen for Change Leadership Program. A 6-week program devoted to increasing the creativity and quality of initiatives implemented in Australia and MENA region. This was an amazing discussion highlighting the experience and passion Rana has as she uses sports for development to connect with youth. 


To find Rana Khawaldeh's podcast on Spotify, CLICK HERE.