Skills4Sports Project Updates

PS4L continues to take progressive steps in preparation to the launch of the Skills4Sports training programs in Palestine. The Skills4Sports project is funded by the European Union and organized by the ENI CBC Med Programme. This project aims to address the gaps in the sports sector of the labor markets in 6 Mediterranean countries (Greece, Malta, Spain, Italy, Palestine, and Lebanon) and in providing specialized curricula to tackle these gaps.

In March, PS4L created a Strategic Alliance in Palestine for the Skills4Sports project. 32 representatives from Palestinian NGOs, agencies, and public and private companies participated in the Strategic Alliance information day - read more on how the info day went HERE. The Strategic Alliance is an association between sport institutes from the sports sector of Palestine who will unite to solve key issues of unemployment.

A recap on the Strategic Alliance Info Day



  On June 6th, Palestine Sports for Life (PS4L) representatives Sameh Masri, Yumon Masri, and Suad Alqam attended a Skills4Sports curricula development meeting at Chalkida, Greece. This meeting was held in order to present the Skills4Sports curricula. Topics covered included sports leadership and management, sports communication and media, sports marketing, sports ethics, and the approaches for connecting with NEETs (youth not in education, employment or training), dual career/ athlete development .

  On the first day of the Skills4Sports meeting, sports leadership skills and new technologies such as ICT and eSports were discoursed. PS4L trainers Yumon, and Suad directed a team-building activity between the discussions to build more connectivity between partnering organizations. On the second day, ‘Introduction to Sports Management and Sports Economy’ and ‘Sports Digital Marketing and Communication’ was presented to build the background of attending representatives. PS4L then represented the curricula of dual careers/ athlete development.

  So far, PS4L has analyzed the gaps in the sports sector in Palestine and has formed an association across the sports sectors in Palestine - the Strategic Alliance. This following step, developing targeted curricula, is integral in launching the trainings in Palestine later this year and in neighboring Mediterranean countries. At the end of these meetings, PS4L and partner organizations formed 9 specialized training programs with unique curricula aimed towards addressing the gaps found in the sports sector, increasing NEET employability, and in creating quality employment.