'My Lifestyle, My Health' Program

  An exciting program called "My Lifestyle, My Health" funded by Healing Across the Divides and with the cooperation of UNRWA has been successfully implemented and running in Qalandiya Refugee Camp, East Jerusalem, and Aroub Refugee Camp in Hebron. 

  8th and 9th grade students from Qalandiya and Aroub UNRWA Girls Primary School are being targeted to improve their lifestyle and increasing their health knowledge. The key theme for this program is educating youth on nutrition and teaching them how to develop healthy habits through classroom education and purposeful play. 

  After conducting an analysis on health habits, throughout the month of June, the program specifically focused on educating students on processed foods, alternatives for high sugar and fat foods, the benefits of breakfast, and the importance of fiber consumption. The students also learned how to identify protein, fat, and carbohydrate foods with an emphasis on vitamins and minerals needed for youth development.