Aya is back from Qatar once again!

On Feb 11, 2023 our young leader Aya Habayeb was invited to Qatar, Doha once again. Back in November Aya and her PS4L football teammates all received a full scholarship to study University in Qatar, thanks to SCU and Qatar Foundation these girls were lucky enough to receive such a life changing opportunity.

Day one Aya met with the manager of the Academic Bridge program in Qatar Foundation, this program is meant to set the girls up for university. Aya was introduced to the center where the Academic program takes place just in order to help Aya to have more of an understanding of the program.

Day two, Aya visited a site for the European Union, where Aya and her fellow Young Leaders were introduced to youth their ages, these youths all come from different backgrounds some came from Morocco, France, Italy, etc.. Later Aya and SCU’s Young Leaders were interviewed for the One Million and One program SCU launched in November; “We spoke about our stories and what Identity meant to us coming from Palestine”, says Aya. “I met many People such as Ambassadors and important people in Qatar”. That night they were invited to a Camel Festival where pictures were taken.

Day 3 of Qatar, Aya participated in a Sports Festival where she and the young leaders played a football match and  also had many interviews on her experience in Qatar since October. They then had the rest of their day off before they were to travel back home.