Study Visit “Healing across the Divides”: My Health My Lifestyle

On the 16th of March, a group of around 15 representatives from the US came to conduct a study visit through Healing across the Divides, monitoring the effectiveness of the programs that they are supporting. As our - My health, My lifestyle - project which we were able to conduct over the period of one year in UNRWA Qalandia girls school and UNRWA Aroub girls school  supported by them as well, we invited them to have a look at the results. Three mothers, together with their daughters were invited to share about their experiences during the year and what achievements they have been able to accomplish. The conducting teacher, Rana Khawaldeh and Linda Samhan from Qalandia explained to the delegation how the project was implemented and how the communication between the participants worked. They highlighted the importance of the surroundings and how the School Cafeteria changed their products to healthier options due to the awareness on a healthy lifestyle gained by the students  as well as how they started to have a proper breakfast in the morning.

Education happened through the nutritionist, which was in charge of workshops regarding all day consumption of sugars, fats and carbohydrates. Which fibers last how long and which ingredients have the highest nutritional benefit. The mothers explained how the eating habits changed and as the children were targeted but also the mothers were educated the whole family has been affected in changing their eating habits to healthier options.

It was great to see our guests interacting and asking the mothers and daughters how the program affected their behavior. They were listening and happy to see that the program had such a great impact on the life of the people in Qalandia and Aroub.