Khutwa Project: Safe Space for mothers and daughters in Qalandia, Dheisheh and Tulkarem

As a follow up to the Khutwa project: training of teachers of UNRWA, PS4L in cooperation with Cfd, started three safe spaces for mothers and daughters to play games and interact with each other led by UNRWA teachers and in collaboration with Child Center in Qalandia, and Ibdaa Dheisheh in Bethlehem, Tulkarem school. Once a week, girls together with their mothers gather and play purposeful games to give the children a way to have a break from just being back home.  The spaces came in a time when children were at home due to strikes, thus mothers and daughters were able to come outside and have a room where they can play with each other and learn new skills such as communication, teamwork and trust. The lessons are designed to have a social topic  around social inclusion, gender equity, education through play followed by a reflection round in the end. In this way, the mothers and daughters are entertained, allowing them to forget the struggles they face daily and as well reflect about how they interacted with each other in the games and their learnings.