My Health My Lifestyle 2

As of September, PS4L has launched another phase of its impactful "My Health My Lifestyle" Program in cooperation with Healing across the Divides. This time, the initiative is reaching out to Al Amari and Balata Refugee Camps, aiming to raise awareness about the transformative effects of a healthy lifestyle on students and their families.


Approximately 200 students from each school in these refugee camps, along with their mothers, are actively participating in this program. The sessions, conducted on a weekly basis, are designed to impart knowledge about healthy habits related to nutrition and exercise. The holistic approach involves utilizing activities such as purposeful play and small games to effectively convey the essential messages of the program.


Recognizing the importance of a multi-disciplinary approach, each school has dedicated professionals contributing to the success of the initiative. The team comprises a Physical Education teacher, a social worker, and a Nutritionist, all working collaboratively to deliver engaging and informative sessions.


The Physical Education teacher brings expertise in physical fitness and exercise, ensuring that the participants are exposed to enjoyable and effective workouts. The social worker plays a crucial role in addressing the psychological and social aspects of adopting a healthy lifestyle, providing valuable insights and support. The Nutritionist, with specialized knowledge in dietary practices, imparts information on balanced nutrition, helping participants make informed choices for their well-being.


By incorporating purposeful play and small games into the program, PS4L ensures that the educational content is not only informative but also interactive and enjoyable for the participants. This approach fosters a positive and engaging learning environment, making it more likely for the students and their families to adopt and sustain healthy lifestyle practices.


PS4L's "My Health My Lifestyle" Program in Al Amari and Balata Refugee Camps stands as a testament to the organization's commitment to promoting holistic well-being, empowering communities through education, and fostering positive, sustainable change in the lives of those it serves.