Aflatoun Conference

Since 2022, PS4L has been collaborating with Aflatun through online workshops to share expertise in social and financial education. PS4L actively participated in numerous Aflayouth and Aflatoun workshops dedicated to social and financial education, effectively implementing the curriculum in our safe spaces.


From November 1-3, PS4L virtually engaged in the 2023 Global Social and Financial Skills Conference in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Organized by Aflatoun International, the event attracted over 300 participants from 80-plus countries, including youth leaders, field experts, representatives from Ministries of Education, Central Banks, global donors, civil society organizations, and private sector stakeholders.


The conference explored how life skills and financial education can equip children and young people with crucial 21st-century skills, enabling them to thrive in our rapidly changing world. PS4L's active participation in the conference focused on addressing education during times of conflict. The organization shared valuable insights into implementing social and financial education through unconventional methods, such as small games, purposeful play games, and activities designed to make learning accessible and engaging for youth and children.

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